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Virgin and Child

Author: Nicolò di Pietro
Century: XV°
DATE: 1408  POSITION: altar (on map n°6) METHOD: oil painting on cartoon

This Virgin and Child has an extraordinary importance to Venice's history and devotion, it is because of this sacred image, believed to be miraculous, that the Miracoli church was erected.

From a historical-artistic point of view the work of Zanino di Pietro, dated in 1408, is a great example of the Venetian artistic transition from the traditional Byzantine to the Gothic style. The late date of this work shows the the Venetians tardiness in these characteristic works that had already been seen in Tuscany from the last century. In particular, one can see the development of the refined gilded golden line in the halos.

The wooden frame that currently conserves the work, was realised by the Basarel brothers requested by Count Roberto Boldù in 1887, as written on the plaque placed behind it.
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