Authors: Francesco Pianta the Younger and Pietro Morando (full-round statues)

Century: From the mid-16th to the mid-17th century

Material: Wood

Location: Central nave (on map number 23)

A complex cladding work was carried out to decorate the walls of the central nave. The construction of the wooden structural part began in the mid-16th century and continued for a century.

It is a carved, painted, and gilded cladding that covered the original Gothic pointed arches. It was created to modernize the architectural image, enriched with polychrome and gilded carvings, low-relief figures, and twenty-two large full-round statues flanked by golden angels. The statues are distributed on the two opposite walls, aligned with each column and resting on out-of-wall brackets supported by cariatids depicting demons and angels. They are attributed to Francesco Pianta the Younger and Pietro Morando. The statues depict biblical and historical figures, prophets, saints, patriarchs, bishops, kings, and apostles associated with the Carmelite Order.