Author: Francesco Solimena

Century: XVIII°

Church: Basilica of San Pietro di Castello

DATE: XVIII century

POSITION: chapel of the Cross – right wall (on map n°15)

METHOD: oil painting

The Holy Cross Chapel is located to the left of the presbytery and houses a series of works by the architect and painter Francesco Solimena.

To the right and left of the altar are depicted respectively: Saint John the Evangelist and The Virgin and Mary Magdalene. The Glorification of the Cross is placed along the right wall of the chapel while on the left wall it is possible to admire the large painting, Invention of the Cross.

On the other hand, The Copper Cross positioned on the altar is by an eighteenth-century anonymous artist.

Along the aisle walls is a series of wooden engraved reredos, probably work from the eighteenth-century; while an inscription on the Chapel’s second step indicates the floor’s financing, by a certain Nicolò Ivanosich (1748).

In conclusion the oval canvas, located on the ceiling celebrates the Glory of San Carlo Borromeo.