Author: Bartolomeo Vivarini

Century: XV°

Church: Church of  Santa Maria Formosa

DATE: 1473

POSITION: first chapel on the right (on map n°10)

METHOD: tempera on panel

The work was commissioned by the Vicar Vettor Rosati to Vivarini. The central painting depicts Our Lady of Mercy, the left one represents the Meeting of Joachim and Anne, concludes with the Birth of the Virgin on the right.

There is a very good chance that these masterpieces are one of the finest works by the muranese maestro Bartolomeo Vivarini. Signed and dated in 1473, the triptych, was painted with an egg tempera, and it is evidently follows the style of Mantegna and his studio was considered the second most important in Venice during the fifteenth century. Far from the “bellini” shades, Vivarini enhanced the sculptural effect of the figures by using bright and translucent colors.