Author: Jacopo Robusti known as Tintoretto

Century: XVI°

Church: Church of Santa Maria del Rosario (Gesuati)

DATE: 1565 ca.

POSITION: third chapel on the left (n° 15 of the map)

METHOD: oil painting

The altar of the Crucifixion, the third on the left, follows the usual model of Massari and the keystone is adorned by a little angel from Morlaiter executed in 1741. On the platform of the altar Saint Secondo’s corps is preserved, brought here from an island of the lagoon named in the same way as the Saint.

The altar houses the Crucifixion altarpiece and narrates the scene described in the hall of Albergo of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, both works executed by Tintoretto.
The painting, dated between 1563-65, belongs to the original Church of the Gesuati which was from there transferred in 1743, when the new church was finally completed. This occasion called to light the restoration of Piazetta’s work but the amount of renovation is not known.