Author: Gian Maria Morlaiter

Century: XVIII°

Church: Church of Santa Maria del Rosario (Gesuati)

DATE: 1744

POSITION: third statue to the left (on map n° 16)

METHOD: sculpture

MATERIAL: hard stone

The statue, like all the others of this series, is located in a niche, placed on a typical conoidal rococo platform, with two “modiglione” spirals (an ornamental pattern that is usually found in Corinthian capitals).

St Peter was executed by Morlaiter in 1744; the small terracotta model has been conserved in the Donà dalle Rose family’s private Venetian collection. Just like St Paul on the opposite wall, Peter also raises his hands towards the sky; however, due to the different quality of execution between the two statues, it is presumed that a workshop intervention took place, possibly by Michelangelo the son of Morlaiter.