Author: Paolo Caliari known as Veronese

Century: XVI°

Church: Church of San Sebastiano

DATE: 1565

POSITION: presbytery (on map n°12)

METHOD: fresco

Next to the wall with the altar are disposed two large canvases that illustrate, on the left St Sebastian that incourages Mark and Marcellinus to not repudiate the christian faith and, on the right, the same Sebastian during the martyrdom supreme.

The two brothers, converted to Christianity, are judged for their faith and are forced to choose between the abjuration and the martyrdom. Guided out of the palace of justice, they encounter their elder parents that attempt dissuading them in persevering their decision, St Sebastian, in shinning armor, on the other hand, incites his companions in sustaining with courage the last combat.

The central motive of the action is the problem of the hard decision between the worldly fondness and the martyrdom vocation. The sanctity of the moment is sublimated by the apparition of the angel with the open book in his hand.

The whole composition is unbalanced towards the right, in direction with the light that illuminates the scene against the altar.