Author: Marco Basaiti

Century: XVI°

Church: Basilica of San Pietro di Castello

DATE: XVI century

POSITION: right nave – Trevisan altar (on map n°6)

METHOD: oil painting

The third altar in the right nave, is a Trevisan altar made of two red marble columns, Egyptian marble pilasters and yellow marble entablature, erected in 1581 by Patriarch Giovanni Trevisan .

The Basaiti altarpiece, was originally from the Péoli d’Istria School Chapel in the Patriarch palace, and placed here in the XIX century.

The piece depicts Saint Peter on his Throne and Saints Niccolò, Andrew, Jacob, and Anthony the abbot. Two marble statues on the sides depict the prophets Isaiah and Geremia.

Previously located on this altar was The saints John the Evangelist, Peter and Paul altarpiece by Veronese which is now placed over the door of the Lando family chapel, in the left nave.