Author: Pietro Liberi

Century: XVII°

Church: Basilica of San Pietro di Castello

DATE: 1660 ca.

POSITION: chapel of the Blessed – right wall (on map n°9)

METHOD: oil painting

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel’s ceiling, to the left of the presbytery, holds a mural painting attributed to Lucchese, which represents The Sons of Jacob sent to Egypt to buy Grain recognized by Joseph.

The vault is decorated with rich floral festooned stucco, that for conservation reasons the terra cotta is still slightly visible.

Two large paintings are placed on the walls and illustrate Chastising the Serpent by Pietro Liberi and Adoration of the Magi by Lucchese.

The altar is realised in an exquisite marble, while running along the walls are seventeenth-century walnut dossals and pews decorated with human and animal busts.