Author: Jacopo Sansovino and Anonymous

Century: XVI°

Church: Basilica of San Pietro di Castello
DATE: XVI- XVII century

POSITION: prsbytery

METHOD: engraved


In conjunction with the solidifying and increasing public veneration of the Blessed Lorenzo Giustiniani, from 1646 under the guidance of Clemente Moli, work began on the reconstruction of the main altar until the mortal remains of San Lorenzo Giustiniani, Venetian patrician and patriarch, were found in that location.

Moli is credited for the realisation of various statues placed on the altar based on a design by Baldassarre Longhena.

Furthermore, the altar contains admirable sculptures by Francesco Caprioli, Giusto Le Court, and Melchior Barthel.

The wooden choir, originally from the Church of Sant’Andrea della Certosa was stored at the Basilica of Saint Mark for a period. It was eventually adapted to the presbytery of the San Pietro Church.

The patriarchal throne, moved to Saint Mark’s at the time of the Cathedral’s transfer, was brought back to its original position at the end of the twentieth century.