AUTHOR: Jacopo Negretti knows as Palma il Giovane


CHURCH: Church of  San Giacomo dall’Orio

POSITION: old sacristy – entrance wall (on map n°24)

METHOD: oil painting on canvas

The series of paintings in the old sacristy was realised by Jacopo Palma il Giovane between 1575 and 1581, by the Vicar Giovanni Maria Da Ponte’s own will.

One side the work highlights the nature of sacrifice being renewed on the altar, and on the other. the sacrament is glorified as the center christian life.

Traditionally, the Eucharistic theme was taken from stories in the Old Testament, or rather The Parting of the Red SeaThe Bronze SerpentThe Fall of Manna and Elijah fed by the Angel which are placed along the walls of the room.

Additionally, Christ laid in the Sepulchre, the Paschal Lamb are placed over the door.

Furthermore, a small canvas of the Crucifixion has been conserved, originally located where the large cupboard is today. Moschini claimed that already in 1815 the work was found under the Paschal Lamb, confirmed later by Costantini in 1911.

The central ceiling scene with The Blessed and the Four Evangelists is the cornerstone to the entire series. This scene is characterised by its powerful perspective, and its clear disapproval of the Protestant dogma, in respect to the Coucil of Trent doctrine. Christ is present only in a symbol of bread exposed to the faithful for adoration, the testimony of Christ’s presence. In fact, the four evangelists are also depicted as witnesses of the truth.