AUTHOR: Paolo Veronese

CENTURY: 16th century

CHURCH: Church of San Giuseppe di Castello

DATE: Around 1580

PLACEMENT: Apse, left wall (on map number 7)

TECHNIQUE: Oil on canvas

The shepherds, depicted with dynamic gestures and poses, surround the Baby Jesus, the focal point of the scene towards whom the characters’ gazes converge. On the left, Saint Jerome appears in cardinal attire, accompanied by a lion crouched at his feet. His presence could be explained as a tribute to Senator Girolamo Grimani, who is buried in the vicinity of the altarpiece. The kneeling shepherd in the foreground has a net tied to his belt, in which a dove can be seen, and to his right, there is a lamb. These animals respectively symbolize the purity and sacrifice of Christ. Two white doves are also present in the upper register, perched on a beam to the left. Several angels flutter about, holding a scroll with the inscription “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” (Glory to God in the Highest).