Author: Paolo Caliari known as Veronese

Century: XVI°

Church: Church of San Sebastiano

DATE: 1565

POSITION: presbytery – right wall (on map n°10)

MEASUREMENT: 355 x 540 cm

METHOD: oil painting

In 1565 Veronese paints the main altarpiece, attested to by an invoice dated September 7th. The altar was built based on one of his own personal projects by Salvatore Tagliapietre between 1550-1561 and commissioned by Elisabetta Soranzo.

The entire presbytery was to serve as a funerary chapel for the Corner family and, as left in will of Lise Soranzo’s will, was architecturally decorated (floor, benches, new featured illuminating windows) by Veronese who, in this space, combined his technique as an architectural painter to that of an architect.