Author: Paolo Caliari known as il Veronese

Century: XVI°

Church: Church of San Sebastiano

DATE: 1555

POSITION: sacristy ceiling (on map n° 18)

MEASUREMENT: 85 x 200 cm

METHOD: oil painting

The four evangelists depicted in the paintings, placed on the four sides of the sacristy ceiling, are forced into abnormal shaped frames, and only because of Paolo Veronese’s mastery, their posture seems natural.

The Evangelists, (noted by Palucchini, an art historian from the XX century), are unreasonably large and barely fit into the actual space. The mannerism (an art term used to describe art that follows Renaissance classicism) impulse is clear. It should also be noted, that the Evanagelists are in front of the other images and the soft chromatic background enhances the vibrant colors  resulting in a colorful song .