Author: Antonio Bosa

Century: XIX°

Church: Church of Santa Maria del Rosario (Gesuati)

DATE: 1837

POSITION: second chapel on the left (n°18 on the map);

METHOD: sculpture

MATERIAL: marble, silver

The Madonna of the Rosary statue is placed in the second altar on the left, corresponding to the altar on the right dedicated to Saint Domenico, co-owner of the church with Virgin Mary.

The statue that today is found in the niche, a work from the sculptor Antonio Bosa, was placed here in 1836 and substituted a Madonna of the Rosary sculpture realized in 1743 from the sculptor Arrigoni, known as Sega.

The altar was realized in 1742 from a drawing by Giorgio Massari and is characterized by an ample polychromatic marble striped niche which recalls the style of an altar in the church of Galliera Veneta, a work from the same architect. The niche was realized in 1738 by Gaetano Fuselli and two years later, Morlaiter placed his cherub on the vertex.