AUTHOR: Francesco di Giorgio Martini

DATE: Second half of the 15th century

CENTURY: 15th century


LOCATION: Altar of Santa Maria Maddalena or Sant’Antonio (third left altar); on map number 9

This bronze bas-relief, positioned on the steps in front of the altar, arrived in Venice in 1852 as a gift from Baron Giacomo Malgrani di Montenovo, counselor to the Emperor of Austria. Originally, the work was located in Urbino, in the Oratory of the Holy Cross, the seat of the Confraternity of Corpus Domini, to which Duke Federico da Montefeltro, represented here together with his wife Battista Sforza, Councilor Count Ottaviano Ubaldini della Carda, and their son Guidobaldo, was a member.

The dramatic nature of the event, accentuated by the chiaroscuro effect created by the light on the plaque, is combined with the dynamism of the numerous characters. The influence of the school of Donatello is undeniable.