AUTHOR: Tiziano Vecellio known as Tizianello


CHURCH: Church of  San Giacomo dall’Orio

DATE: XVI century

POSITION: chapel of the Holy Sacrament – right nave (on map n° 15)

METHOD: oil painting on canvas

The chapel of the Holy Sacrament was erected by an anonymous architect, between the last decade of the XVI century and 1604, the year that Ridolfi saw it completed.

On the lateral walls there is a pictorial series by different artists narrating the Passion of Christ. The dating of paintings is uncertain, but it is surely after 1598, the year in which Nicolò Laghi’s scripture was published (+ 1612) on the Miracles of the Holy Sacrament, where the iconographical source was known.

The painting Flagellation was done by Tizianello, the namesake nephew of the great sixteenth-century maestro.

On the bottom right there is a portrait of the two benefactors, identified as the Holy Sacrament School’s Chancellor and Vicar, which corresponds to the figure Guardian Grando in the lower left pendant Ecce Homo who was from the same institution.