Author: Giorgio Massari

Century: XVIIIth

Church: Church of Santa Maria del Rosario (Gesuati)

DATE: 1739

LOCATION: Dorsoduro, Fondamenta Zattere ai Gesuati

TECHNIQUE: masonry

Since 1397 we have news of the settlement of the Gesuati order at the Zattere, who commissioned the construction of a first convent church in 1493. In 1668 the Dominicans replaced the Gesuati order which was suppressed because it was involved in serious scandals. of Andrea Musolo, which took place in 1721, and of the distrust expressed in his disciple Giovanni Scalfurotto, the friars commissioned the architect Giorgio Massari to build a new church and expand the old annexed convent. The facade is marked by four columns Corinthian columns on which the large triangular tympanum with an oval hole in the center and indented cornice is set. The imposing portal is surmounted by a curvilinear tympanum and a dedication plaque by Francesco Bonazza. Four large niches are inserted in the intercolumns within which the statues of Prudence (3) (Gaetano Susali), of Justice (2) (Francesco Bonazza), of Fortitude (1) (Giuseppe Bernardi) and of Temperance (4) (Alvise Tagliapietra).