AUTHOR: Anonymous
CHURCH: Church of Santo Stefano
POSITION: San Marco, campo Santo Stefano
METHOD: brickwork
MATERIALS: brick, terracotta, Istrian stone, Verona stone

The exposed brick facade is tripartite with an advanced central body, corresponding to the main nave, and flanked by two inclined wings that allow the perception of the architectural structure from Campo Santo Stefano. The portal is surmounted by an arch flanked by pillars; on its sides there are two pairs of mullioned windows arranged on two levels inserted in tall and elegant lancet windows decorated, along the edge, with terracotta bands with geometric motifs. In the center of the front there is a large, slightly splayed rose window, above which a further smaller oculus ensures sufficient illumination of the central nave. A series of hanging arches runs along the eaves of the façade. The central body is separated from the side wings, both provided with a high mullioned window inscribed in a slightly splayed pointed arch, by two corner pilasters at the top of which are aedicules in Istrian and Verona stone, similar to the one located at the apex of the facade. Until the late eighteenth century, the polylobed lunette of the portal must have preserved a fresco by Pietro Liberi depicting the Blessed Virgin in the air holding out her belt, supported by Angels, and below, Saint Augustine and Saint Monica. The square bell tower, in brick and Istrian stone, underwent a restoration operation between 1902 and 1904, during which some bells were moved to a small temporary ribbed structure, placed above the roof of the main sacristy and still visible from the Campo.