Author: Paolo Caliari known as Veronese

Century: XVI°

Church: Church of San Sebastiano

DATE: 1555

POSITION: nave ceiling (on map n° 2)

METHOD: oil painting

Between 1st December 1555 and the 31st October 1556, Paolo Veronese executes the three grand masterpieces on the nave ceiling from the biblical book of Esther, the Jewish heroine, that during her exile saved her people from Persian King Assuero’s rage and from Minister Aman’s conspiracies.

The central canvas depicts a beautiful lady, chosen as the new queen, that gains the Vashti’s lost crown; dressed and adorned as a Venetian bride, and accompanied by the handmaids of the chastity and humility. On the right, the presence of Aman dressed in armor stands side by side a deformed courtie, who announces the threats to exterminate of the Jewish population.