AUTHOR: Anonymous


CHURCH: Church of Santo Stefano

DATE: 1644-50

POSITION: counter facade(on the map n°84)

METHOD: sculpture

MATERIAL: marble

The space used to erect the imposing memorial to General Domenico Contarini was granted from the Augustinians in 1644; this decision greatly changed the appearance of the opposite side of the church’s façade.

The baroque structure was built by the grandchildren of the condottiero, the San Marco Angelo procuratore and his brother Domenico Contarini. Both were to be represented in the monument, but the only bust of Angelo was executed and placed on the left pedestal. It seems, however, that Domenico’s bust was planned to be placed on the complementary pedestal to that of his brother, but it has remained empty.

The author of the work has not been identified with certainty, however, some researchers have found indisputable reasons to attribute it to Longheniani for the architectural layout.