Author: Paolo Veneziano

Century: XIV°

Church: Church of San Giacomo dall’Orio

DATE: 1350 ca.

POSITION: presbytery (on map n°18)

MEASUREMENT: 235×178 cm

METHOD: painting on panel

The Crucifix hangs from the arch that leads into the presbytery dated in the middle XIV century which many scholars attribute to Paolo Veneziano. It is a large wooden cross, composed of poplar wooden boards joined to one another with a complex metal frame structure. However, this structure was seriously damaging the painting’s surface by not allowing the wood to move naturally. For this reason, during the restoration in October 1987, it was decided to remove the nails and metal struts and substitute them with a more compatibile structure in oak.

To restore the color, a coat of paint was removed from a previous restoration thus revealing original portions. Some smaller gaps were slightly retouched using watercolors; and the more ample gaps were completed using a color selection technique that matched the colors of the original painting, giving an overall uniform look to the piece.