Author: Gregorio Lazzarini

Century: XVII°

Church: Basilica of San Pietro di Castello

DATE: 1691

POSITION: presbytery – wall (on map n°11 a)

METHOD: oil painting

The presbytery’s side wall and the apse are decorated by a series of paintings centered around Saint Laurence Giustiniani.

Starting from the left, Charity of Saint Laurence Giustiniani by Gregorio Lazzarini, Saint Laurence Giustiniani frees One Possessed by Antonio Molinari, Baby Jesus appears to Saint Laurence Giustiniani by Daniel Heinz, Saint Laurence Giustiniani administers Holy Cummionon to a Nun by Domenico Ghislandi, Death of Saint Laurence Giustiniani by Giovanni Segala, and Saint Laurence Giustiniani intercedes to free Venice from the Plague of 1447 by Antonio Bellocci.

However, the apse was frescoed by Girolamo Pellegrini with Glory of Saint Laurence in which the holy patriarch appears between the theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity.