AUTHOR: Nicolò Bambini


CHURCH: Church of Santo Stefano

DATE: 1709-12

POSITION: first altar on the right (on the map n°5)

METHOD: painted on panel

The painting was commissioned by Nicolò Bambini from the Congregation of Saint Anne, a sisterhood of women devoted to the mother Mary who had been granted the Birth of Mary altar in 1709 pledging to rebuild it in marble, similar to the Holy Belt of the Virgin altar.

The altar’s first testimony, where the painting with the same name is located, dates back to 1438 when silk merchant Giacomo Bernabo de’Catenacci from Montepulciano commissioned a wooden altar dedicated to the Birth of Mary, in front of which he placed his tomb.

In 1503, the altar was amended for the first time due to a window addition, and again in 1642 it was restored by the School of Centurati.

Renovation work started by the Sisters of Saint Anne in 1709, and was to finish is a short amount of time, because in 1712 the Birth of Mary painting by Nicholas Bambini was to be placed there.