Author: Melchior Barthel, Michele Ungaro and collaborators

Century: XVII°

Church: Basilica of San Pietro di Castello

DATE: 1675

POSITION: Vendramin chapel (on map n° 20)

METHOD: sculpture

MATERIAL: marble

The Vendramin chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of Carmine and was requested to celebrate the patriarch Francesco Vendramin.

The architectural space was a project by Baldassare Longhena (1588-1682) and enriched by the  Allegorical Statues and by the bas-reliefs with the Triumph of the Cross and Paul V imposes the Cardinal’s cap to Francesco Vendramin, both works of Michelangelo Ungano and Melchior Barthel (1625-1672).

The altarpiece illustrating Virgin with Child and Purgative Souls is by Luca Giordano.

The Allegorical Statues are found upon the chapel’s corner pillars’ open niches and on the two altars along the side walls. They represent ingenuity, astronomy, poetry, generosity, determination, virtue, theology, and agriculture, or rather the qualities and talents attributed to cardinal Vendramin.