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august, 15th
On the occasion of the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary we remind the traditional concert, which is held in the Basilica of the Frari every year on the occasion of this feast.

Nel 450° della nascita di Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)

“Salmi, Inni e Antifone dalla Selva Morale e Spirituale”
per Soli, Doppio Coro, due violini, Tromboni, due Organi e Basso continuo

Il Teatro Armonico, ensemble vocale e strumentale
Nicola Lamon e Alvise Mason, organo
Margherita Dalla Vecchia, direttore

The imposing altarpiece was commissioned to Tiziano in 1516 by Brother Germano, Prior of the Frari Convent, which upon its delivery two years later, caused severe embarrassment to the patronage and had rather cold welcome. The traditional iconography of the Virgin's Assumption into Heaven was in fact completely renovated and distorted by the master - probably barrowed from the contemporary Raffael-like motifs - to the point of being artistically blasphemous: the giant figures, the flamboyant colors in the figures' robes and flesh and the scene's exitement. Nevertheless, these characteristics made it a cornerstone in the artist's early work and, indeed, his most acclaimed masterpiece. Thanks to the exceptional critical recognition, it later became the most famous image by the master from Cadore.
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